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vShape Ultra

vShape Ultra is a next-generation fat reduction system by Alma Lasers that combines ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) technologies to reshape the body.  It’s an integrated, versatile solution that can give you firmer skin and a sleeker, sculpted body.

How does the vShape Ultra work?

The vShape Ultra emits ultrasonic waves that penetrate below the surface of the skin, and selectively target the fat cells.  The concentrated ultrasound energy disrupts and gradually breaks down the fat cells, and the fatty deposits are naturally disposed of by the body’s lymphatic system. The energy is delivered at controlled depths for optimal results.

The system also has a single electrode that delivers focused RF energy directly to the deep tissue, causing a rapid rotation of its water molecules. The heat and friction that is generated triggers volumetric contraction within the skin, which causes collagen fibers to contract, and stimulates the production of new collagen. The increased collagen makes the skin thicker, firmer, and tighter.

Who is a good candidate for skin tightening and fat blasting*?

People that are relatively fit and close to their ideal weight, but have small pockets of fat that they can’t get rid of, are good candidates for skin tightening and fat blasting.  vShape Ultra will provide the final push needed to blast away those areas of unwanted fat, in order to contour and tighten the body.

Which areas can be treated?

vShape Ultra can be used anywhere on the face and body but is commonly used on the abdomen, flanks, arms, legs, and back.

Is it painful?

Some people experience a tingling sensation or a feeling of warmth during the vShape treatment, but generally, describe the treatment as ‘comfortable.’

How many treatments do you need*?

It typically takes 5 treatments to see optimal results. vShape Ultra is highly customizable, so we can create a treatment plan for your unique needs.

What can you expect after treatment*?

The skin may be somewhat red after treatment, and this can last for several days, but some improvement can be seen immediately after the first treatment.

Interested in learning more about “Skin Tightening & Fat Blasting” with our vShape Ultra laser system? Schedule your free consultation today by calling our Alexandria, VA, office at (703) 549-0911 or fill out the form on this page.

*Individual results may vary

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